Tuesday, 10 July 2012

NPI process

Product Development Process Download

NPI processThe Advanced Quality Product Planning Pro Tool from Paula includes a highly refined Product Development System (PDS). This process is based loosely on the Ford Product Development System (or FPDS), our version has been tailored to suit the development of smaller electro-mechanical assemblies.

The APQP product development process keeps all stakeholders on track

The top level process breaks up the development cycle in to segments, each segment is separated by a gate. To pass each gate a certain set of deliverables should be achieved , these deliverable are all listed in the form of yes/no questions. Project managers and other project stake holders can plan and work toward achieving the deliverables that apply to them. APQP provides the function for doing this.

Product development process detail

The process is logical and easy to follow

Underpinning the APQP questions is the development process itself, this provides the overall direction for the project and gives top level guidance for what must be achieved. The APQP Pro pack includes a detailed explanation of this real-life electro-mechanical development process (in Microsoft PowerPoint form).  Each gate is explained and a top level description of its purpose is given. The presentation can be used to train employees and suppliers to ensure that everybody is pulling in the same direction. APQP Pro comes pre-populated with the product development questions required to complete each gate.

To download this extremely valuable tool please follow the Advanced Quality Product Planning link.